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Montezuma Falls

If you prefer to cool off in freshwater, you can hike up to the Montezuma Falls where you will find a series of waterfalls cascading over the rocks. The highest waterfall tumbles 24 meters and feeds a large pool. Great for wsimming! You can reach the waterfall on a 20-minute hike from the Montezuma village centre. Wear sturdy, water-resistant shoes as you will wade through the river and clamber over slippery rocks and roots uphill.

Montezuma Falls
Montezuma waterfalls

Hike up the river bank in the jungle heat and jump into the pool at the bottom of the falls.

Cascades along the trail
Cascades along trail to Montezuma Falls

As you hike up to the waterfalls, you come across cascades of cool water.

Water, water, cool water
Cascades along trail to Montezuma Falls

The Montezuma falls are fed by the rain that comes down the mountains and can be cool.

Montezuma Canopy Tours

You can also reach the upper pools on an easy path which starts at the Montezuma Canopy Tour, 1 km uphill from Montezuma, on the road to Delicias. The Montezuma Canopy Tour charges a small toll fee for using their bridges and trails.

After exploring the waterfalls, you can stop by the Clandestina Restaurant at the Montezuma Butterfly Gardens, sit on the jungle balcony and enjoy some street-style tacos with a cold craft beer made on site.

Montezuma Canopy
Montezuma Canopy Tour suspended bridge

The Montezuma Canopy Tour includes zip-lining and a trip to the upper-most waterfalls.

Visitors using the trails
White-faced capuchin monkeys using Canopy Tour bridge

The local widlife uses the bridges and trails for free.

Clandestina Restaurant
butterfly at Butterfly Garden, part of Clandestina Restaurant

Finish your day at the Clandestina Cocina. Grab some street-style food and cold beer.

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