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Getting There

lighthouse on landspit in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Lightouse at the Puntarenas landspit

Travelling to the Howler Monkey Hotel ...

The Howler Monkey Hotel is situated on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is separated from the mainland of Costa Rica by the Gulf of Nicoya. Many of the roads on the southern Nicoya Peninsula are unpaved, rutted and potholed so even short distances can take a long time. Patience is the key to travelling, so it is best to slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery while on vacation in Costa Rica!

To get to Cabuya, on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, you probably will take a ferry across the Gulf of Nicoya, either in a vehicle or by bus.


SUV on gravel road

By Car

From the San Jose airport (or other location) drive to Puntarenas (120 km) and take the ferry to Paquera. Get a plastic slip of paper for your vehicle from the ferry official. Go to the ferry ticket office and buy a ticket for your vehicle and driver. The driver is the only one allowed to drive the vehicle onto the ferry. If you are a passenger, walk to the ferry ticket office and buy a ticket for passengers. You have to walk on board.

Once you get off the ferry in Paquera, follow the signs to Cóbano (34 km). Turn left at the main crossroads in Cóbano (the Banco Nacional Costa Rica will be on your left), and follow the signs to Montezuma (7 km). Continue on the road to Cabuya from Montezuma (6 km).

In Cabuya, turn left at the Restaurant El Delfin de la Luna (Calle de Las Iguanas). Before you get to the water, turn right in the laneway. Drive past the 3 houses on the left to reach the Howler Monkey Hotel.


By Bus

Transportes Rodriguez runs a direct bus to Montezuma from the new Nueva Megaterminal located at the corner of Avenida 7 and Calle 10, on the north side of downtown San José, diagonal to the former Líbano cinema twice daily (6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.). A one-way bus ticket costs approximately $13 US.

The total trip takes approximately 6 hours. The bus will head to the ferry in Puntarenas. As a passenger, you have to walk onto the ferry. Only the driver is allowed to drive the vehicle onto the ferry. Once across the Gulf of Nicoya, you will walk off the ferry and board the bus in Paquera. In Cóbano you will switch to a microbus to Montezuma. Montezuma is another 10-15 minutes past Cóbano.

A small public bus connects Montezuma to Cabuya and the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve four times per day. If you arrive in Montezuma later than 4:15 p.m. you will need to take a taxi ($14 US) from the centre of Montezuma to Cabuya.

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