Howler Monkey Hotel

Water Sports

Beaches, Paddle Boarding and Surfing

Beaches. The Cabuya area has many beaches within walking distances, some rocky, some sandy. The Howler Monkey Hotel is set on its own private beach. At high tide it is safe to swim. At low tide you will find tide pools all over.

Paddle boarding. Stand-up paddle boarding or SUP is becoming a very popular sport and a great way to view the beautiful beaches in the Montezuma and Cabuya area. You can sign up for lessons at places like Montezuma and see the area from the water.

Surfing. If surfing is your thing, you can rent a surfboard and get lessons in Montezuma, or surf the different beaches in the area with your own surfboard. You can do a day trip to Sante Teresa on the Pacific Coast for bigger waves.

Rocky to sandy beaches
Howler Monkey Hotel rocky beach

The Howler Monkey Hotel is located in a volcanic area of the Nicoya Peninsula with sandy beaches nearby.

Sunning iguana
Iguana sunning by the beach

Watch the sun rise from the Howler Monkey Hotel or relax on the beach like this sunning iguana.

Paddle boarding or surfing
Paddle boarders in Cabuya area

With your own paddle or surf boards, you can hit the water around the Cabuya Island or Montezuma area.

Fishing, Kayaking and Snorkeling

Fishing. If you prefer to go fishing, you can use the hotel kayaks and rods, hand-line from the surf, or we can help you arrange fishing trips with local fishermen. Locally, you are bound to catch grouper, mackerel, snapper, rooster fish, tuna or other species local to the Nicoya Peninsula.

Kayaking. Use one of the Howler Monkey Hotel kayaks and head out in the surf, or rent a kayak from other outfitters in Cabuya and Montezuma.

Snorkeling. Similarly, you can kayak to Cabuya Island and snorkel around the island, or we can help you arrange snorkeling and diving trips to Tortuga Island. Zuma Tours offers a variety of snorkeling and diving trips to Tortuga Island.

Fishing with the locals
Local fishermen off Cabuya Island

Arrange a fishing trip with one of the local fishermen or book a fishing trip through the many outfitters on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Kayaking at your doorstep
Two kayakers heading out into the surf at Howler Monkey Hotel

Head out into the surf from the Howler Monkey Hotel beach at high tide and head out kayaking around Cabuya Island.

Snorkeling Tortuga Island
People snorkeling around Tortuga Island with Zuma Tours

With the hotel or your own gear, snorkel around Cabuya Island, or book a trip to Tortuga Island with outfitters in the area.

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