Howler Monkey Hotel

Things To Do

The Howler Monkey Hotel is located in Cabuya, a small fishing village at the gateway to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve. Cabuya remains unchanged by tourism and is a great place to experience the slow and easy pace of the Costa Rican way of life. Come stay at the Howler Monkey Hotel and explore the area.

Beaches, Paddle Boarding and Surfing

image of beach at Howler Monkey Hotel

Beaches. The Cabuya area has many beaches within walking distances, some rocky, some sandy. The Howler Monkey Hotel is set on its own private beach. At high tide it is safe to swim. At low tide you will find tide pools all over. And you can swim in our pool while looking at the canopy where it is common to see many species of birds, white-face capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrels or iguanas.

Paddle Boarding. Stand-up paddle boarding is becoming a very popular sport and a great way to view the beautiful beaches in the Montezuma and Cabuya area. You can sign up for lessons at Proyecto Montezuma in Montezuma and see the area from the water.

Surfing. If surfing is your thing, you can rent a surfboard and get lessons in Montezuma, or surf the different beaches in the area with your own surfboard.


image of entrance sign to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve in Cabuya, Costa Rica

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. Hike the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve located 2 km from the centre of Cabuya. You will find two main trails, a 1–hour circuit and a strenuous 2–hour hike to a wonderful beach on the other side of the park. The park is open Wednesday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cabuya Island. Take a walk to Cabuya Island, a small cemetary island a hundred metres off the coast. It has been a cemetary for as long as anyone can remember and brings rumours, legends, fear and excitement. Check a Costa Rica tide chart, and at low tide, walk along the beach from the Howler Monkey Hotel across the rocky causeway to reach the entrance to Cabuya Island. Walk through the arch to a trail leading to the town cemetary at the centre of the island, or circle around the island through the volcanic rocks, tide pools and beaches.

Fishing, Kayaking and Snorkeling

image of guests going fishing in kayaks at Howler Monkey Hotel

Fishing. If you prefer to go fishing, you can use the hotel kayaks and rods, hand-line from the surf, or we can help you arrange fishing trips with local fishermen. Locally, you are bound to catch grouper, mackerel, snapper, rooster fish, tuna or other species local to the Nicoya Peninsula. To get a map of the fish available in different destinations in Costa Rica, check the Anywhere Costa Rica website.

Snorkeling. Similarly, you can kayak to Cabuya Island and snorkel around the island, or we can help you arrange snorkeling and diving trips to Tortuga Island. Zuma Tours offers a variety of snorkeling and diving trips to Tortuga Island.


image of swimming area at Montezuma Falls

Montezuma Waterfalls. If you prefer to cool off in freshwater, you can hike up to the Montezuma waterfalls where you will find a series of waterfalls cascading over the rocks. The highest waterfall tumbles from a height of 24 meters and feeds a large pool great for swimming. The waterfall is reached on a 20-minute hike from the village centre. The rough trail leads steeply uphill through the thickly forested river valley. Wear sturdy, water-resistant shoes as you will wade through the river and clamber over slippery rocks and roots.

Montezuma Canopy Tour. You can also reach the upper pools on an easy path which starts at the Montezuma Canopy tour, 1 km uphill from Montezuma, on the road to Delicias. The Montezuma Canopy Tour charges a $4 US toll for using their bridges and trails.

Clandestina Restaurant. After exploring the waterfalls you can stop by the Clandestina Restaurant at the Montezuma Butterfly Gardens, sit on the jungle balcony and enjoy some street style tacos with a cold artisan craft beer made onsite.

The Howler Monkey Hotel strives to make your stay as pleasant as possible. It would be our pleasure to be part of your Costa Rica family vacation. Send us an email at or call us at 506-2642-0303 to make a reservation.